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Lighting Hire

The right lighting inside a marquee can create some wonderful effects for parties and functions, so once you have made the decision to hire a marquee for your event, the next step is to consider what type of lighting is going to be the most appropriate for your requirements.

Why do I need lighting for my marquee?

If your event is taking place during the day, lighting may not be necessary, but if your event is likely to continue into the evening and beyond, lighting will be essential. So once you have made the decision to include lighting inside the marquee, you need to think about what type of lighting is going to be suitable.

What types of lighting are available for marquees?

There are many different types of lighting available for marquees, all of which serve different needs. Traditional pendant and chandelier are perfect for general all-round lighting and will enable your guests to eat, drink and socialise in comfort.

Coloured LED theme lighting can also be the perfect mood lighting for later in the evening.

LED Theme Lighting




White ball light

White Ball Light

White Ball Light

Brushed Chrome pendant light

Brushed Chrome Pendant Light

Brushed Chrome Pendant Light

Fluorescent light

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent Light

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